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Doll Maker

- Make Your Own Vocaloid
Anime Zodiac DollAnime Zodiac Doll

Create your very own anime zodiac doll in this beautiful game, choose your astrological sign, and then find the pieces of the outfit that match all th...
Anime Puppet DollAnime Puppet Doll

This is your doll and your creation, you are the puppet master as you design the most beautiful doll to have features and synthetic hair as you like. ...
Doll FactoryDoll Factory

Build your very own doll from scratch in the toy design factory. Choose a hair style, some doll clothes, and voila, your toy is complete to be package...

Baby Doll ClothesBaby Doll Clothes

Make your own sweet Sue doll with this fun dollmaker game. Start with the hair of your little girl and then dress her up in pretty baby doll clothes. ...
Katie Ice CreamKatie Ice Cream

Katie has an ice cream truck and she sells ice cream cones to all her friends at the park. She loves ice cream, and enjoys going out during the day so...
Cutie School GirlCutie School Girl

This school girl is a cutie, and she needs to get ready for her first day of elementary school. Help her find a school uniform and an appropriate hair...
Art DollArt Doll

Create an art masterpiece by dressing this doll in beautiful clothes reminiscent of the Art Nouveau artist, Alphonse Mucha. The artist loved dressing ...
Fall Doll MakerFall Doll Maker

Its getting colder again, but why wear those nice warm clothes already? Maybe fall is the perfect time to experiment with some after-summer outfits?
Trendy Fall StylesTrendy Fall Styles

Dress up this paperdoll in tendy fall styles and the colors of the season like brown and burgundy. Try on sweaters and long sleeved shirts to keep war...
Stage DollStage Doll

Create your very own stage doll in this new dollmaker game, pick from theater dresses and dance costumes to outfit your creation. Will your doll be a ...
School DanceSchool Dance

Create a beautiful doll to attend the school dance in a ball gown and pretty new dancing shoes. Have an updo hairstyle for the special occasion to com...
Birthday GirlBirthday Girl

This cute birthday girl is caught off guard at her surprise birthday party, whatever will she wear? Pick out clothes for this doll to wear to her part...
Amusement ParkAmusement Park

This spring break head to the amusement park by the beach and enjoy the carnival rides like the Ferris wheel with your friends. Play carnival games an...
Harajuku DollHarajuku Doll

Create a cute Harajuku doll with Japanese fashion and a funky hairstyle in the Japan fashion scene. An alternative hairstyle, a cute little girl dress...
Russian PrincessRussian Princess

Create Taya a russian princess with this dollmaker game. Taya likes pretty dresses and lace blouses for the spring, pick a hairstyle for the Russian d...
Tooth Fairy DollTooth Fairy Doll

This cute little tooth fairy is going out to fly around the city and collect teeth from little children and leave them presents under their pillows. W...
Harajuku Girl Lil AngelHarajuku Girl Lil Angel

Bling your Harajuku Girl, 'Lil’ Angel', into Spring with a sensational new look! Choose from colorful skirts, designer handbags and he...
School Girl DollSchool Girl Doll

Create your pretty school girl doll, pick a hair style and hair color blonde or brunette girl. Then put on your school girl uniform and be a cute doll...
Santa's ElvesSanta's Elves

Create a team of elves to help Santa get all the Christmas presents ready to deliver to the children from the North Pole. Dress up the elves in cute C...

Dress up Stephany with the best outfits and accessories given to make the doll look beautiful.
Rebecca Doll MakerRebecca Doll Maker

Dress up Rebecca with the outfits and accessories given to make the doll look beautiful.
Gothic Lolita DollGothic Lolita Doll

Dress up this cute gothic lolita doll in cute goth dresses, stockings and boots. Gothic fashion and goth dolls are fun to play with and dress up in co...
Beauty Pageant Queen MakerBeauty Pageant Queen Maker

Make a beauty pageant queen in this doll maker for beauty pageant queen maker. Dress her up in beauty beauty pageant contestant gowns to make sure the...

Dress up Helena with the outfits given and make her look stylish.
Unicorn Fantasy DollmakerUnicorn Fantasy Dollmaker

Fantasy movies and fantasy stories with unicorns and princesses. Unicorns are a dream fantasy creature in this unicorn fantasy dollmaker. Dress up the...
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